General Rules


The Kearsley B-code aligns to the state mandated Positive Behavior Support system designed to promote positive behavior in the school and community. Armstrong students may receive B-cards for displaying behaviors such as Being Responsible, Being Respectful and Being Ready. These cards are put into a B-Bucket and random drawings will be held to recognize the students. Winners will receive prizes such as books, bookmarks, pencils, magazines, comic books, etc. Don’t be surprised when you receive a post-card in the mail recognizing your child for a job well done! Please encourage your child to B-responsible, B-respectful and B-ready!

B-Respectful: TREAT EVERYONE WELL - Armstrong Middle School students are expected to be considerate of others and treat their fellow students with respect. Pushing, shoving, tripping, and similar physical activity is not accepted. Students are to refrain from extreme affection toward each other - no kissing, hand-holding or embracing.


B-Ready: COME PREPARED TO STUDY - Students should enter Armstrong Middle School each day prepared to work and enjoy the challenges before them. Radios, tape recorders, electronic games, skateboards and other toys should be left at home. Squirt guns, water balloons, MP3 players, laser pens, cards, etc. represent hazards to the learning process. They stay at home too! (Note: These items will be
confiscated and will need to be picked up in the office at the end of the day.)

B-Responsible: ACT RESPONSIBLY – More than 700 students attend Armstrong Middle School. This large population increases the degree of responsibility one must show for his/her own needs. Always remain within the boundaries of school - do not walk in restricted "off limits" areas. Students walking to and from school must observe common laws: respect private property, use sidewalks, and do not loiter in
areas that might block traffic, or interfere with bus loading/unloading. Always keep safety in mind!