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Summer time is reading time!

Dear Families of AMS etudents exiting 6th and 7th grades,
   Summer is the perfect time to help your student select good books to read. Encourage independent reading, but also think about scheduling some time to read WITH your child.
   Your student brought home a book and a packet of information.
   Exiting 6th Graders: "Rules" by Cynthia Lord
   Exiting 7th Graders: "Freak the Mighty" by Rodman Philbrick
   Click here for a link to pre-reading questions about "Rules." Click here for a link to pre-reading questions about "Freak the Mighty." 
   The book and packet should be returned to the language arts teacher the first day of school. It is assigned reading, but your student can read the book alone or with a family member. The book and packet will be part of the classroom discussion and assignments in the first two to three weeks of school in the fall. 
   If the book is lost or damaged, a fee of $5 will be charged. Follow our book discussions on Instagram by following @ams_hornets_read. If you would like additional comprehension questions to use with your student, please email loetting@kearsleyschools.org and she will send those to you.
   Research says middle school students should read at least three books over the summer to avoid summer slide and to maintain their current reading levels. Reading is a skill like all others. it requires practice. A summer reading list for middle school students (https://tinyurl.com/lxun588) offers suggestions of quality titles for you to explore with your child. Many of the titles are suggested for several grade levels, so let your child's interests, maturity level, and reading style be the guide. Summer is the time for enjoying stories rather than struggling with challenging materials!
   You are the key to promoting summer reading. Help your child see that reading is important. Set a good example for your child by reading books, newspapers and magazines. Talk about what you are reading. Read to and with your teen. Be attentive to your child’s interests and developing skills. Try to be somewhat non-judgmental about what your child chooses: cartoons, instructions for video games, fantasy, sports, or fashion magazines can be the key to unlocking a lifetime of reading pleasure. Reading every day is very important. If you are traveling somewhere this summer, a good audio book can feed the imagination during those long hours in the car!
   Do not forget to visit your nearest Genesee District Library (https://www.thegdl.org/) branch! They have a full schedule of activities and programs for you and your child all summer long where you can beat the heat and share a love of reading. They are giving away great prizes like building sets, iPad Minis, Amazon gift certificates, and tickets for amusement parks, museums and more! They also have audiobooks and e-books available for checkout.
   We cannot wait to hear all about what YOUR child read this summer! We cannot wait to have great conversation about "Rules" and "Freak the Mighty" either. Don’t be left out, join in on the adventure!! Have a great summer!

AMS Language Arts Department


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